From October 4 to 8, 2019, we organized an EEP meeting in Lyon. Were present Rudi and Piroschka, Guy and Sonja, Patrick, Pierre and myself. Here are the photos of our outing to the Mini-World park in Lyon. For young and old, this is an outing not to be missed if you pass by because a magical world awaits you for the pleasure of young and old alike!

Click on the photos to view them in the viewer. A description will be displayed at the bottom of each photo.

1st part of the visit

2nd part of the visit

Information : The photos were all taken without flash with a high sensitivity between 3200 and 6000 iso. The large aperture of the lens inevitably induces blurred areas on the periphery of the photos.

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This article was translated by Pierre for the English side of the EEP-World from the article written by Domi for the French side of the EEP-World.

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