To install EEP two possibilities are available to you. You can choose to install from DVD or download version directly from the online store.


Install and register EEP

System requirements

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32 ou 64 bits)
  • Dual-Core 2,5 GHz
  • Carte graphique avec 1 Go, Pixelshader 3.0
  • 4 Go RAM
  • DirectX 10, carte son 2.1
  • Espace disque 2 Go
  • Accès internet
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32 ou 64 bits)
  • Quad-Core 3,2 GHz
  • Carte graphique avec 2 Go ou +, Pixelshader 4.0
  • RAM 8 Go ou +
  • DirectX 10, carte son 5.1
  • Espace disque 4 Go
  • Accès internet

Note : EEP is continuously enriched. The wide range of add-ons, plugins and templates available in the online store are easier and faster to use if you have a high-speed internet connection.


EEP was never installed

To install EEP two possibilities are available to you. You can choose to install from DVD or download version directly from the online store.

From DVD

After inserting the DVD if AutoPlay is not enabled on your PC, double-click the autorun.exe file. Then click on the Install button and follow the on-screen instructions.

From the downloaded file

When the download is complete, right click on the Setup.exe file to open the context menu and select Run as administrator.

Starting the installation

If a window appears informing you that Windows Defender prevented the installation from starting, please click More Info:

Then click on Run anyway:

Otherwise the installation procedure will now start with this window:

Click Yes to go to the next step.

This window offers you to choose your user language:

Choose your user language and click on Next to go to the next step:

Click Next to go to the next step:

You must agree to the terms of the contract to continue with the installation. You can also print the contract if necessary. After accepting, click on Next to go to the next step:

In this window, the program offers to install EEP in the folder of your choice. By default, it is always the primary disk C. In this example, the installation will be done on the secondary disk D. To change the destination click on the Modify button to open the following window:

Browse the disk tree to choose the installation folder and click OK to validate your choice and go to the next step.

As indicated in this window, you can correct or modify the installation parameters by clicking on the Back button.

If you are ready to start the installation, click Install.

The program being installed …

The installation is complete. You can create a program shortcut on the desktop if you wish by checking the box provided for this purpose. Click on Finish to close the window.


After installation is complete, please start EEP. When starting for the first time, you must register the program. Please click on the Internet Product Registration button.

The program will then ask you if you already have an account in the TREND online store:

If you are a new customer and do not have an account in the Trend online store yet, please click on No and enter your details in the next window otherwise if you already have an account, click on Yes to proceed to the next window.’ Next step.

Once the information has been correctly entered, click on Registration. Your account will now be created in the Trend EEP online portal as this is essential so that you can always keep your EEP program up to date.

You will then automatically go to the registration form for the EEP registration associated with your online account. Enter your serial number provided with the DVD if you bought the boxed version or by email if you opted for the download option:

Check that you are connected to the internet and then click on the Register button. EEP will now contact the registration server to validate your license and assign you a registration number (R / N). If all goes well you will then receive the following notification:

Please write down your registration number and keep it securely as you will be asked for it if you contact customer service.

Once the registration is validated, you will receive the following information on your email address:

Registration is now complete. The program start screen will appear where you can start a new project, open the demo project, or watch video tutorials that will familiarize you with basic situations in EEP.

EEP is already installed (from EEP 7 and up)

Start EEP. If you have already installed an earlier version (from version 7 and up) and are registered in the online store, you already have a registration number (R / N). This number is used to validate all programs and models purchased in the store and must be kept between each EEP version. In this case, please click Yes as in the picture below:

In the next window, please enter the access information for your online account (for example your email address and your password). Then click Submit so that EEP can retrieve your information to verify and transfer the registration number to your online account. This will allow you to continue using all the models that you have already purchased in EEP.

The registration form will appear with all your contact details already filled in.

Now please enter your EEP 17 serial number and click on Register to complete the transaction.


Once the registration is complete, EEP starts automatically and after a few seconds the following window will appear:

If you want to recover all the models included in your previous installation, click on Import. Otherwise you can also start from a new version and install new models as and when you need or desires it.

Important : If you choose to import the models, the startup process may take more or less time because the entire inventory is scanned. The duration depends on the number of models in your previous installation. Please wait until the end of this procedure to avoid damaging your database. The window will close automatically when the operation is completed. All ground textures from previous EEP versions as well as all 50 user textures will also be supported. (see also chapter 4.3.2).

As soon as you get to the home screen, EEP is ready to use, and you can start loading a project or creating a new one to familiarize yourself with the new features.

If you have any further questions regarding installation or registration, please do not hesitate to contact Trend© support or the official forum for EEP.

Unzip the resourcen.pak file

Since the models included in the resources.pak file should be accessible if programs outside of EEP need to access the data, it makes sense to unzip this file now. This function is implemented directly in EEP.

You will find it in the Tools -> Extract Resources menu. Choose this command to unzip the resourcen.pak file.

Advantage of registration

Why register? The registration process may seem tedious and inconvenient at first glance, but it will quickly prove to be efficient and useful as it ensures that your usage rights are not limited to just one computer. Through registration, EEP is first activated for the computer on which the program was installed. But that does not prevent you from installing the program on another device such as a laptop for example.

As a licensee, you can use up to five activations per year on one or more computers with a single serial number. In summary, this allows you :

  1. Install and activate EEP several times on the same computer,
  2. To use EEP on three computers simultaneously,
  3. Use additional models and modules that you have purchased on multiple computers, without having to purchase them again for each device.

Usually, EEP should be enabled every time it is installed. If you reinstall EEP on your computer, it will be checked and the current hardware configuration will be compared to the one as it was during the first installation. If this computer corresponds to the one of the initial installation and if no change of hardware is detected, EEP will be reactivated but this activation will not be considered as a new registration. This process ensures that the program can be installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, and activated on the same computer (for whatever reason) as many times as you want, without affecting your right to five registrations per year.

The situation is different if the previously saved program is activated on a new or modified computer. If the check determines that the computer is new or that the hardware configuration does not match the configuration during the initial registration due to the installation of a new graphics card or the addition of a memory module for example, the program can be reactivated up to a maximum of three recordings per year.

These usage rights, which come into effect from your first registration, are not only limited to the main program EEP, but also automatically apply to models and plugins purchased in the online store and as EEP, are also registered as personal using your customer number.

Uninstalling the program

Right-click on the Start menu icon, choose the Applications and Features menu command. From the list of programs, select EEP and click the Uninstall button. Wait until the uninstallation is complete.

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This article was translated by Pierre for the English side of the EEP-World from the article written by Domi for the French side of the EEP-World.

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