Suppose a user shares one of their projects with you, some of their models might not be in your EEP inventory. If so, EEP will detect the missing models as they come up during the project  uploads. You can easily determine if all the models needed to run a project are in your inventory in three different places in the program.


Missing models

1 - When starting a project

When starting a project, the list of models not found appears in the Description window:

List of missing models (introduction window)

If the Start search button is active, it means that some models are missing. Otherwise, the button remains grayed out and inactive. If we click on this button, what happens? EEP opens a page in your default browser with a list of all missing models and the corresponding links to purchase them in the shop. Some exceptions remain with regard to free old models that are not always easy to find or sometimes (more rarely), the sites of the manufacturers of the models no longer exist.

In addition, EEP creates an html file in the EEP17 \ Resourcen \ MissingModels folder which summarizes all the missing models as indicated by the introductory text in the web page.

List of missing models

If we click on a link in the list (the internet connection must be active), we will be put in direct contact with the EEP online store, where the desired model is displayed directly and offered for purchase as shown in the image. below :

2 - In the 2D view

In 2D view, models missing in EEP appear as an orange crossed out square, with the model name displayed when you right-click on it.

3 - In the 3D view

The case of missing models can also be solved in the Project Info window. The procedure remains the same.

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This article was translated by Pierre for the English side of the EEP-World from the article written by Domi for the French side of the EEP-World.

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