This editor allows you to create routes for the rolling stock allowing then to circulate in your networks. Let’s see together how to create them. Once your routes have been defined, all you have to do is assign them directly to your rolling stock via the second tab of the control window.


Overview of the route editor

Route editor
Editor window

To display the editor, go to the Routes menu → select Routes editor.

Add a route

By default, EEP offers us to create a new route and that’s pretty good because that’s exactly what we want! Here is the procedure:

  1. Enter a new name for example Iti example 1,
  2. Click on the Add button,
  3. And that’s all !

Now click on the drop down list to check that our new route has been successfully created.

Edit a route

If you select it, the button labels change to Delete and Edit respectively:

Modify route

If you choose to edit the name, click on the name of the route you wish to edit. In the input box change the name then click the Edit button to save the edited name.

Delete a route

Deleting a route requires caution! If this has just been created and has not yet been assigned to a vehicle, you can safely delete it. But if this route is already assigned to one or more rolling stock, you will simply delete all assignments! which will cause malfunctions in the flow of your traffic, especially if the deleted route was configured in the ‘Routes for / not’ property of the contact points.


In our previous example, we created a route named Iti example 1. What happens if we try to add another route with the same name ?

Route Error Double

An error message informs us that a route already exists under this same name and invites us to choose another name.

We should nevertheless point out a particularity concerning the case sensitivity of the characters. Indeed, EEP will consider that :

  1. Iti example 1,
  2. ITI example 1,
  3. iti Example 1,

These three route names will be distinct without any link between them! The proof is in the picture:

Editor Car

Conclusion : No need to complicate your life. Choose unique, simple and self-explanatory route names as much as possible. This is the best guarantee of efficiency for the operation of your network.

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This article was translated by Pierre for the English side of the EEP-World from the article written by Domi for the French side of the EEP-World.

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