This article introduces you to the vertical tab bar on the left side of the 2D planning window. This bar holds all the editors to carry out the elaboration of your railway layout. Only one editor can be active at a time, allowing you to work and concentrate on a specific class of objects.


Default display

This is the tab displayed by default (blue square) when opening a layout. If you want to share your layout with other users, it is a good idea to create a user manual in order to detail the functions or the operating possibilities. To access the description entry zone, choose the Layout Information command from the File menu (see the chapter on The menu bar).

In the window that appears above, enter your text in the box provided and click on the Ok button to save it and close the window. You will then see your text appear in the 2D window to the left of the tab bar.

Access to different editors

The different editors are detailed in several separate articles. Click on the button of your choice to go directly to the page of the editor concerned (open in a new window).

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This article was translated by Pierre for the English side of the EEP-World from the article written by Domi for the French side of the EEP-World.

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